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Review – Your review of this book. (Tell why you enjoyed it. Be specific with details about the plot, characterization, setting and language of the book.)

Earthsea, Book two, The Tombs of Atuan by Ursula K. Le Guin, is a very enjoyable read simply because it takes adventure books away from the average prince and princess and prince story, in fact this story could be called a priestess and wizard story. Not much of a difference? Well maybe thats because you’ve never been to the land of Earthsea as I have. Ursula K. Le Guin’s writing has planted me in the shoes of the young wizard (or in this case ‘mage’), Ged who is on a quest to connect the fragments of the ring of Erreth Akbe. On the way he must face the dangers of the maze-like, Tombs of Atuan, which are guarded by a cult of Gebbeth worshiping priestesses(for more information on Gebbeth, see earthsea book one, the wizard of earthsea)! But the leader of this cult, the High Priestess Arha, The Eaten One, has began to doubt their ways, and joins Ged on his quest to restore balance to the world. This book has almost proven a theory I have had since reading the first book, that the ever popular Earthsea movie is a combination of all three books, though I have yet to see if the last book is anything like the one of the three elements of the movie. I hope you will eenjoy this book as much as I have. And while youre in Earthsea, be thankfull that it isn’t Middle Earth, all those names ending with “Or” get on my nerves after a while.

Why “EARTHSEA” by Ursula K. Le Guin Would make a good video game.

A video game for this book would have all of the above to compliment the complexity of the story.

I my opinion, Earthsea would make a good video game because the the book it was based on has a rich plot, colorful characters and a struggle for survival. Elements that every game should posses.

Video game essential elements, Level 5

Action: Dragon battle

Good plot: Ged Must track down and defeat the evil Gebeth creature before it tracks him down.

Good level design: Setting: Town, cliffs, ocean. Character: Ged: Human, tall, scruffy, straw colored hair, semi ragged clothes. Dragon(s): Long, black and red, leathery bat like wings, fangs, horns. Weapons: spirit staff.

Good characters: Ged: young, adventurous, skilled with most weapons, good with magic, headstrong. Dragon: Old, wise, crafty, sneaky, enigmatic.

Puzzles: figuring out how to get from cliff to cliff, finding ways to shield your self from dragon fire.

The action in this game should not be repetitive as is the fate of to many games, but exciting and realistic. there should be multiple things you can do with the enemy besides killing them, such as disarming, stunning and immobilizing.
Boss fights should not be predictable, but unpredictable, without the same attack patterns over and over again, and an endless supply of possibilities.

You would play this role playing game (RPG) as GEd and follow him through his three years of sorcerer’s training at the Wizard School of Roke. After the training is successfully completed, Ged Must track down and defeat the evil Gebeth creature before it tracks him down. Along the way, he encounters dangers, such as a dragon and his ten sons who are terrorizing a small town. Ged must kill 4 sons before progressing to the boss fight. We can add additional dangers such as a duel with Ged’s rival, Jasper, at Roke Adadamy, climbing a cliff while a killer bird attacks Ged and trying to find your way through a forest that is infested with giant insect creatures.

Naturally, Ged did not stay still while fighting the dragons in the book, so the dragon battles in the game should not be endless fighting, but running, jumping, ducking and dodging.

The land of Earthsea is an archipelago, therefore the levels would take place near the sea. Because of this, there would be dramatic weather (it would be windy, the light would be coming thorugh the clouds, waves would be crashing, etc), and jagged cliffs which would fall in to the sea. Since this is similar to medeival earth, the towns would have closely set houses, pubs, shops and of course, open markets, which you could explore freely. Ged has the makings of a perfect video game character . He is young, adventurous and headstrong. With straw colored hair, ragged clothes, and the ability to skillfully use most weapons and magic you can imagine him in a battle with dragons, knights or creatures of darkness. The dragon in the game would have a long serpentine body with mostly black scales but with a red underside. He has leathery bat-like wings which would have some tatters in them. And to add to that, he has sharp fangs and horns. He is an extremely old creature, in existence since the formation f the Earthsea archipelago. He is wise, crafty, sneaky, enigmatic. Ged would also fight the Gebeth, a creature of darkness who can only be defeated if you know his true name. The spirit staff is the weapon of a true mage (sorcerer), it is long with an ornate head and can be used to cast Ged’s spells.

Q: Tell us something about your favorite character
A: I have to say it was Jimmy, he really reminded me of, well, Me! He was a great artist and was really into what he did, and tried to enjoy it even if it was somone else’s ideas and not what he had in mind. Unlike me (who can be pretty rude and bossy sometimes), he was the most likeable member of the family. He had to put up with his dad, who had no interest in Jimmy’s great works (his comics), his mom, who was always in her work room (her inner sanctum as she called it) and was always having Jimmy go to the store to get art equipment for her. He also had his two sisters, his older sister Lisi, who always had a reason to get mad and scream about something, and Susu, his little sister who was constantly bugging him. Wow, I am feeling very lucky right now.

Q: Did you learn anything from the book?
A: Follow your dreams and don’t give up on it just because no one gets it (though I already kind of knew that!).

Q: Did any of the characters change from the beginning to the end of the book?
A: Jimmys uncle Lester writes “flop” Broadway musicals. Some of them have gotten on Broadway, none have been very successful, until his musical ROBOTICA which I won’t go into much detail about. After it becomes a (temporarily) big hit, he becomes a whole new person, he acts much different. He even gets a dog named Vernon (apparently named after a critic who gave his musical a bad review,) who has a serious habit for causing trouble. In the end, though, Jimmy helps him become his good, normal self again.

I Am The Cheese
By Robert Cormier

The rat takes the cheese
The rat takes the cheese
Hi ho the merry-o
The rat takes the cheese.

Anyone who has read “I Am The Cheese” will have heard that song and the important role it plays in the story.

Adam is a teenager who is on the road and the run from the men who murdered his mother, and attempted to murder his father (who testified against them a long time ago). About every other chapter, we get an insight of some important (and seemingly unimportant) parts of his life before the first person portion of his story.

From what an average reader can tell about his former life, he has a girlfriend, Amy Hertz (who will play rather an important role in the story for someone who never appears), and has had a lot of complicated parts to to his life.

A gifted reader can understand the emotional and psychological trauma an experience such as his would have on all but the strongest of minds

But an extraordinary reader will be able to understand much more than I.

But from what I have come to understand is that his beloved Amy Hertz has never existed and the events in this book have driven poor Adam out of his mind. Of course this is just a theory, much of this book is up to interpretation.

The cheese stands alone
The cheese stands alone
Hi ho the merry-o
The cheese stands alone.